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I thought I’d post a few more thoughts I’ve been having as I read (:

A lot has been happening to the Price family since I last blogged, my sense of impending doom was sadly rather accurate. This next bit is almost certainly going to contain spoilers, (that’s your warning to stop reading if you don’t want spoilers (: )

So in amongst all the misfortune I was mentioning the other day I didn’t talk too much about some of the more intimate parts of the struggle the family seems to have keeping themselves alive, especially with lots of disease running rampant.

We do often see throughout the story the family taking as many precautions as they can to stay alive, i.e. malaria tablets, including of course giving the tablets to the youngest child Ruth-May. There is a slight hint that she doesn’t always take hers but with everything going on this quickly fell from my mind as I read on. Sadly and somewhat inevitably Ruth-May does get malaria, and the family being very far away from any sort of medical centre have to battle this virtually alone, unlike earlier in the book when Ruth-May breaks her arm and they manage to transport her to a facility in near-by Lepoldville.

And interesting thing to note at this point is that the Congo have been declared independent and this having a massive impact on the family. The main source of resources for the family come from the mission that Nathan has been sent by, however the new state of independence has very much thrown things up in the air. The people of the Congo feel a lot more comfortable now with their hatred of white people and the Price family are hearing many stories of white people being murdered in nearby villages like Lepoldville. At this point the mission decides to pull out until a safer time, and arranges for the Price family to leave.

I’m going to leave it as that little update for now as I gather my thoughts on what else has been happening as I have lots I want to talk about, including parrots, hunting and highly esteemed visitors! And of course I want to re-visit the subject of Ruth-May’s illness and the mission’s decision to pull out.

Ciao ❤


What are you reading love?

Good morning,

I thought it was about time I got this thing going properly by telling you about what I’m reading at the moment!

Maybe a little about me first? I have always considered myself to be agnostic, I believe there is probably something or someone but I’m not sure what, therefore religious works have not often appealed to me, in fact I tend to avoid them usually.

However, I got given a kindle for Christmas, and as I have hundreds of books on it I tend to just pick one and start reading, the one disadvantage I’ve found with my kindle is that unlike with paper books I can’t read the blurb, however I think sometimes this can be a blessing in disguise, as there are certainly books I’ve read recently that I think the blurb would have put me right off…which leads me to what I’m currently reading…

So, I am currently reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver which I chose because I thought it had an interesting title, and also because it is on the BBC top 200 reads list and the 1001 books you should read before you die list, which considering separate editions now consists of almost 1300 books, phew!

I challenged my self to read both of these lists a little over a year ago, and I can proudly say I am almost half way through the BBC one, and not doing quite so well with 1001 as I decided to re-read books on the list I have read before, thankfully though I did not give myself a time limit so I don’t feel quite so bad ^_^

I will do a post for each of these lists another day, the BBC one taunts me these days by constantly reminding me that I need to read the Complete Works of Shakespeare, the Bible and every Sherlock Holmes story to complete it, none of which I relish as tasks!

So back to Ms. Kingsolver, her novel is largely, you may have already guessed, about religion. Specifically Christianity.

The story follows the lives of a family who have moved to the Congo with their father so he can be a missionary. The head of the family Nathan Price  is a baptist preacher  and he has come to spread God’s love to a very unwilling society.

The story starts in Bethlehem, Georgia where we see the family humorously hoarding all the possessions they can manage to start their new lives in the Congo. Nathan and his wife have four daughters and we hear from each of them intermittently, they lead us through the jungle telling us about events they see as important. Later in the story we begin to hear from their mother on occasion, however thus far no sign of what is going on in Nathan’s head.

As you can imagine things are always going wrong for the Price family as they begin to learn about the different traditions of the Congolese people, especially when it begins to dawn on them that they are smack bang in the middle of a massive political upheaval as the Congolese people seek their independence from Belgium.

And of course their is no end of dangerous animals, strange traditions and seemingly obscene words for them to cope with, not to mention Nathan’s very firm and unrelenting religious views.

I have read about a third of this book so far and it has been very engaging and humorous, there has been some very touching moments and I’m feeling quite sorry for the family as they are only just getting into the swing of things, that being said I am expecting a big twist reasonably soon as God doesn’t seem to be in favour of this family, they have had no end of misfortune, ranging from broken bones to almost being eaten by a lion!

Well that’s all for now folks, I’m going to get back to my book and at the weekend I’ll get those lists posted up ^_^

Ciao x

A Warm Welcome

I just thought I’d say hello, on the off chance I one day convince someone to read this.

I will mostly be reviewing books that I am reading, probably often enough with horrific spoilers included, and for that I apologise in advance!

I may also post some of my own works, I am working on two different (very different) pieces, one is an erotica novel and the other is a children’s story about ponies, an odd combination I admit. The erotica was a sort of dare given to me by my partner and the pony story just sort of came from nowhere one day as I was watching the world pass by my dining room table.


So in conclusion welcome to what I hope to one day be my rather lovely book blog.

Ciao ❤